Wendy C. Maidon
35 years old
Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Raleigh

 Wendy, a reporting analyst for Verizon, sang quite a bit while growing up. But she got out of the habit as an adult, until a 2007 wedding where she was called upon to sing Twila Paris' "How Beautiful."

"I sang that for my cousin's wedding last year, and it got a very good response," she says. "I hadn't really sang in many years, not since I'd gone away to college. But anyway, someone who heard me sing at that wedding asked me to sing at her wedding, too. That was this past April." The follow-up gig went well enough that Wendy has started a wedding-singer business on the side.

"I'm not expecting to get rich," she says, "just make a little money doing something I love."